What a crazy and great summer it’s been! After our wedding at Clay Hill Farm on July 8th, we boarded a plane for Europe for our honeymoon. Neither of us had been to France or Ireland before, so we were thrilled for the chance to get away to these romantic places for two weeks. We spent some time in Paris eating many croissants and shopping at the local markets, all while practicing (ahem, stumbling) through what little French we recalled from junior high school. The history, the food and the people of Paris made our time there magical. After a week in Paris we traveled Ireland, eating and drinking our way through Dublin, Galway and the Aran Islands. We enjoyed local Irish music, the magnificent countryside and the hospitality of the people we met. The rest of the summer flew by, but we’re grateful to have such great memories. Love, Jess & Tim



July 9, 2012


Clay Hill Farm Hosts it’s 4th Annual Green Wedding Giveaway

Cape Neddick, Maine
July 8, 2012

Under a clear blue sky on a picture-perfect Maine day, Jessica Maillet and Tim Caouette of Westminster, Massachusetts, exchanged vows in a garden ceremony at Clay Hill Farm and became the fourth couple to be awarded the Green Wedding Giveaway® Grand Prize wedding.

Launched in the fall of 2008, Clay Hill Farm’s annual Green Wedding Giveaway has been rewarding couples that make a difference in the world through their everyday commitments to each other and the Earth, with a complete summer Maine wedding at Clay Hill Farm. Thanks to public votes and the judges’ scores on their creative contest submission, the Green Wedding Giveaway Grand Prize winners are chosen in early March to begin working with the project sponsors to plan their perfect Maine summer wedding.  But what makes the weddings green?  “ The natural beauty surrounding Clay Hill Farm, our passion for seasonal, local food and our family philosophy help give every wedding a green start, “says Jennifer Lewis-McShera, senior wedding consultant and founder of Clay Hill Farm’s Green Wedding Giveaway. “We thought we knew quite a bit about sustainable practices going into the wedding planning,” said 2012 winner Jess Maillet, “but the sponsors taught us so much about simple tweaks that could make a difference in our overall environmental impact. We didn’t have to sacrifice a single dream or vision for our wedding to make a difference, the journey was amazing and the wedding exceeded our expectations.” Over 30 sponsors support the environmental outreach at Clay Hill Farm, of which the Green Wedding Giveaway is the headlining event. http://www.greenweddinggiveaway.com
Our July 8, 2012 wedding at Clay Hill Farm was everything we could have imagined. We can honestly say that we had our dream wedding in every single way possible. From the delicious food, idyllic natural setting and special touches that the sponsors from the Green Wedding Giveaway Contest provided, we can never thank Clay Hill Farm and the rest of the sponsors enough for our special day! – Love, Jess and Tim

Wedding photos by Shane Corcoran


Green Wedding Giveaway Ice Sculpture by Wicked Good Ice

By Tim and Jess

Remember the days of snowman making and how fun it was to make things out of snow and ice? Well, Murray of Wicked Good Ice does exactly that. He has “carved” out his niche: he makes professionally styled ice sculptures for events.

A couple weeks ago, Tim and I arrived at his studio in Dover, NH. After spending an hour with Murray and seeing his talent and creativity first hand, Tim said he realized two things: 1) no matter how long he could have stayed outside when he was younger, he would have NEVER been able to create anything remotely as good as what he made in 5 minutes, and 2) working in a freezer is cold.  Unfortunately, we were dressed for summer in Maine and not the seven degrees it held strong at in the workroom. Check out this video of Murray doing a quick demo of his work! http://youtu.be/sDaBjzivcEg

Murray was kind enough to show us how he comes up with some of his fantastic ideas for his ice sculptures on his white board.  And we did some planning of our own. Any guesses as to what sort of ice sculpture we’ll be having at the wedding?



Hair and Makeup at Acorn Organic Salon

By Jess

This weekend I headed to Dover, NH for a hair and makeup trial at Acorn Organic Salon. I was thrilled to meet with the professionals at the salon because I really was not sure what I wanted. They were more than helpful in guiding me in the right direction and choosing a look that went well with the elegant yet “garden” wedding feel.

After combing through websites and Pinterest for the perfect hair style, I ended up with two finalists. I would have loved to wear my hair down since this is usually what I do, but being July and possibly very humid, I didn’t want to take the chance with my thick, curly/frizzy hair. Plus I think wearing hair up (at least for my hair type) for a wedding is much more elegant and polished.

(Sources: Style Me Pretty, Pinterest)

As far as makeup goes, I was oscillating between the smoky look and something less dramatic, since it will be an afternoon wedding and I’m most likely to smear the makeup everywhere (I’m a very weepy person, regardless of whether it’s happy or sad. And raccoon eyes are not really an “in” look for a bride.)

There were some non-negotiables, though: waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliner. Two items I usually don’t leave the house without. This brought up the discussion of durability and quality of organic makeups. While they definitely are superior because they don’t contain toxic chemicals, their wearability and ability to last a whole day are still not fantastic. The two lines that Acorn Organic Salon uses are Honeybee Gardens and Shear Miracles.


A few weekends ago Tim and I met up with Shane of Shane’s Wedding Photography for our engagement shoot. We were excited to have the opportunity to work with the photographer and get comfortable with his style before the big day.

Can I just say (and I can vouch for Tim, too) that Shane is a cool guy. First off, his photography is beautiful. He maintains the utmost professionalism while still being fun, casual and keeping it low stress. I was impressed that in another life, he was a professional skateboarder and his father was a stuntman. What a background!

We started our little session down in York on Wiggly Bridge, the smallest pedestrian suspension bridge  in the world. It is really quite adorable and in a way brings in a wisp of memory of my days in San Francisco.

It may be the world’s smallest suspension bridge, but it was above the water and the wind was blowing and so my hair was a-flying. I managed through it but decided on an up-do at our next stop.

We headed to Stageneck Inn for some quintessential Maine ocean shots. We started getting silly here. The light was perfect for photos that day and we couldn’t have been happier.

The day wouldn’t have been complete without some on-site shots at Clay Hill Farm.

We are extremely grateful for Shane and the fantastic work he did, and we’re thrilled to be working with him for our wedding! Thanks Shane!